Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Know You're a Redneck When....

So the lot across the street has finally been bought and must be paid for because they are building a house on it. As they were downing trees and putting in the drive, I put my redneck on and went and asked if the trees were up for grabs. Then I realized I was being a civilized redneck and I should of just donned my stealth suit and taken all the trees the next night. But the moral part of me got the better part of me and I decided to ask. The contractor said if the trees were still there in 30 days they were all ours. 30, 29, 28, 27.....Yup, you better believe in so many days we will be out there with chainsaw in hand. After the sun goes down or around or whatever it does up here.

Tiffany has been house sitting all summer and just returned home today to get ready for what comes next. She turned 21 this year, is looking at a missions opportunity that has arisen and we will have to keep you posted on that when it becomes official. But, I can tell you she will be going to another continent for an undisclosed amount of time to fill a great need. She would love to go to Pacific Rim Christian College after that adventure is over. Time will tell. She's quite the beautiful young lady and it will take many head of cattle to convince us she's the one for you, whoever you are. Besides, you'd have to climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest ocean and love Jesus will all every cell in your body to qualify. Just sayin'.

Zachary is loving not having to do chores to live and breath at home. He's just about, ok, he is the best 19 year old on the planet. He's crazy in love with Jesus too. He will be starting UAA (University of Alaska Anchorage) this fall. He wants to be an air traffic controller when he grows up. That's happening pretty darn quick! He's really involved as a youth leader, mission trip junkie, coffee shop guru and church set up guy. His idea of a good day of fishing is running the boat up the river while sipping spring water and making the other river guides sweat when we get a little too close for their comfort. Turn about is fair play I'd say. Hope they are staying warm tonight! He, Tiffany & Natalie hiked up in Hatcher's Pass tonight to go see the B-52 bomber up at Bomber Glacier. You have to spend the night to make the hike. Crazy kids! I could show them lots of pictures of bombers online. Speaking of rednecks and fishing.....

Natalie is about 40% done with recording her soon to be released maiden voyage CD. I don't know if that's what you call it. It's her first one. This 16 yr old crazy in love with Jesus girl can sleep just about anywhere. I posted a picture to prove it. If she's tired, better move over. She wants to graduate this year. It means she has to finish 9 classes and 6 of them aren't PE. Actually, none of them are. They are all gotta have a book and do the work kind of classes. She wants to get her driver's license like 6 months ago but we are still waiting for her legs to reach the pedals. Just kidding. Hope she grows over the summer. She wants to do something that has to do with Jesus and music after high school. We will keep you posted on that. Better get a CD as soon as they are out. I expect we'll go platinum pdq.

Emily turns 11 this year and loves it when she gets to tell kids bigger than her that she's older than them. I think Em holds the petite record in the family. It works out great for her little sister because they can wear each others clothes. No, that hasn't always gone so well. Golf is her game and plaid is her favorite color. Emily LOVES to work in the garden and has done quite well at distinguishing the weeds from the seedlings. We now have carrots, turnips, radishes, peas, beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and arugula growing at some stage or another. Might be a midget crop, but a crop is still a crop! We also have a thriving strawberry patch that has produced some quite tasty marble sized fruit.

Naomi is trying to grow up too fast at the old age of 9. Everywhere she goes she has pencil and paper in hand. She loves to write and draw. She also loves taking pictures with my phone or laptop and here loves to show her special effects prowess. She was a monster on the soccer field this summer. She could hold the line, get run over and even get a face ball without shedding a tear! Okay, the last one made her shed lots of tears but the first two didn't! What a beast! In the end, she decided soccer is for summer only and playing inside stinks, literally. It's back to the gym for her and gymnastics is her winter game.

Joseph has a talent for falling asleep in the boat. He says Jesus did so he can too! He loves to sing about anything and everything. He also plays legos til his thumbs hurt! Quite the talented builder he is. He loves camouflage so I imagine he's going to want to hunt more than the imaginary bear soon. If the world only had peanut butter and honey and mom's homemade bread, he would survive. He loves to make our dog, Kodi, do lots of tricks. He always rewards with a pat on the head and sometimes a hug. Now, if he can just keep the legos out of the floor.

2010 was a year of loss. I lost my bluetooth, 35 pounds and my mom. It was painful and it still sucks! Sorry mom, I know you hate that word. I miss you. A lot. 2011 is a year of rest. Stop laughing. Maybe I should have said learning to rest. Rick is in his 10th year with Wellspring Ministries in Anchorage. If you need help with a bump in the road or if you think you have it all together, you might consider giving them a call. I can testify it saved our bacon. He and I are also helping lead a similar ministry at our church in Wasilla called Fresh Start. It's never too late! I continue to juggle retreat events & other stuff at church along with teaching private music lessons in my home. We also started a grand adventure this year with Melaleuca. 2012 will be a year of the letter I. In March, we plan to head to Ireland to help with a pastors conference. In November, we will be joining a good size group from our church on a tour of Israel! We are looking forward to both!! We promise to keep the redneck in check until the camera comes out!