Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Was I Thinking!?!?

Why did I ever think I had time to keep up with a blog? As I opened the blog to see if I could come up with the latest and greatest, I realized I had started one back in September (it's now April 2010) and click on edit to only find the title, "What Was I Thinking?" We don't have time to do half the stuff we do unless we make the time. So, I am making the time to blog. That is where I left off two months ago. Here I go with Take Two......

Life just keeps rolling along. What am I willing to make time for? Friends, family and God? or God, family and friends? I never did understand the concept of making time for myself. I have been hearing this a lot lately from others. When I make time for God, it is for the benefit of myself as well as loving Him. When I make time for family and friends, I am always included and benefit greatly from it, myself. I think if I make too much time for just myself, that could lead to a nasty habit of selfishness. So for now, the me time is tempered with His time and their time and I promise I won't leave myself behind. So, moving on to seven important people in my life that deserve more time than I have to give.

Rick is just plain awesome. I don't know how he manages to help the 30+ people he ministers to one-on-one on a weekly basis and still has the patience to love the rest of us. That's just plain supernatural. Outside of wishing for him more fishing time, a kayak to paddle and his dreams fulfilled; not much else I can say except I love that man more than words can ever say and the feeling is pretty darn mutual.

Tiffany moved back home last week. Even at the ripe old age of almost 20, poor thing is adjusting to all of us again. I think after she's been outside long enough it won't matter what's going on in the house. She'll just be glad to be in the warm house again. Cody doesn't shiver as much as she does. At least we found the hole in her room where the shrews were coming in and plugged it up. That would have been a rude awakening. She is going to be trying to keep the house clean and watching Joseph but she is always up for any other odd jobs if you need a barn built, cows milked or plans drawn up for your next shopping mall. Here she is in the Iditarod Fur Fashion Show we personally staged at David Green Furriers in downtown Anchorage. We decided to step in to escape the cold for a bit and take some silly pictures with some phenomenal out of town guests. She is heading down to Dominican Republic in June on a mission trip with our church. They are teaming up with Dominic Russo and his ministry in DR.

Zachary, who is 18, is still hard at work building houses and finishing up his senior year. Gosh, I hope his head doesn't explode from all that knowledge up there. He is still trying to decide what to do with himself. We have shared our thoughts and strong suggestions with him, but ultimately it's his sacrifice, I mean, decision on what to do after this high school life. He and his redneck truck will just keep plugging along back and forth to work and church until the time comes. He also is our local washer boy. He does the laundry and boy, will he make some woman happy someday as long as she does the sorting! He can fold like no other. He is heading down to Peru in July with his little sister Natalie and a team of youth and adults from our church. They plan to minister in the city and the jungle villages near Iquitos.

Speaking of Natalie, she is almost to the end of her first year of high school. She has traded in her leotard for the microphone, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and a piano. Yes, I think she's a little musically inclined. She writes songs, sings, prays for and ministers to others as much as she is able. She also likes to dominate the driver's seat these days since she got her permit. If I permit her to continue driving, she might get her real license in December when she turns 16.

Joseph is just darn cute! He can clean his room spic and span when he wants to play Nintendo. Yes, at 5 he has figured it out! He loves the computer ed games too. Our motto is no clean, no screen. It's amazing!! He can go from flat as a pancake in the floor from the shock to standing proudly in the middle of his clean floor in 30 minutes or less. He can also count from 1 to 50 in 30 numbers or less too! He still loves dirt and wants to know when his room is going to get painted with tractors.

Emily turns 10 on her birthday this year. She is adventurous and reads like a bookworm in the Library of Congress. 3rd grade has not been without its challenges. Multiplication, cursive and social etiquette rule the day as she trudges through to the top of the dog pile. Emily still loves playing outside and would probably live outside if it wasn't for being so cold. She loves to explore and find things to look at under her microscope. I wish she would show that enthusiasm when it comes to keeping her room clean. Then some of her best experiments might not be available then, I guess.

Naomi wakes up every morning and immediately makes her bed! I can't even do that!! She has learned to love school after months of lamenting each morning about going. Her handwriting is immaculate for a 7 year old. Looks like the samples you see in Handwriting books. She loves to be creative, laugh and show her independence. She went from loving dresses and wanting to wear them every day with leggings to jeans girl.

So life just keeps rolling along. One of these days, it will come to a halt altogether. When that day comes, I want to know that the borders of the Kingdom were enlarged because of me, my children and my children's children. That is the only legacy that I need to leave. To this, no earthly wealth can compare. What will I have to say for myself? I will be forever in His presence and it won't matter one iota. (When I do get there, I plan to ask my grandma what an iota is.)

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janice said...

Welcome back to the blog world. Trudy you have an amazing God given gift of writing.

How can Natalie be driving? Seems like just yesterday she was swinging in the baby room!