Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where We Have Been & What We Have Done 2008

I guess some are not on our snail mail list so it was suggested I post our newsletter we mailed out recently. What is really funny is that there have been a few changes to our lives just since we wrote this. This just goes to show you, it's never to late! Here goes...

January 21, 2009

Greetings from Ireland!
Yes, as I am writing this Rick & I are in Ireland for a mission trip and will return home January 30. Zac and Natalie are going to Mexico for a short term missions trip in March so we decided to combine our efforts. We are very proud of all our kids as mission opportunities have presented themselves they have always jumped in. Just for the record, here is where the Bonnettes have been in the last few years on missions~
2004~Tiffany to Mexico to build houses for the poor; the entire family to Texas to teach Freedom conferences in three different churches
2005~Tiffany to Mexico to build a church
2006~Tiffany to Peru for youth concerts and gatherings; Rick to Ghana, West Africa to teach Freedom conferences
2007~Tiffany & Zachary to Ireland to do “STOMP” street performances in Dublin & Mullingar and work with children and youth in local churches; Rick to Ireland to teach Freedom conferences
2008~Tiffany to Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and India for a 6 week time of ministry to churches in these areas; Trudy to Kivalina, AK for ministry to children & youth; Zac to Mexico to build houses for the poor
2009~Rick & Trudy to Ireland & UK to teach Fresh Start in Belfast, Dublin and Liverpool! Coming in August……UGANDA!!
It has been very exciting to see all that God has done when we go on these trips. We want to encourage you if you have not gone on a mission trip, just do it! You will be amazed and surprised by God!
2008 was a great year! Every year is a great year! Here is what happened……..
We finished building our house and moved in April. We aren’t finished painting or putting in trim but it’s coming a little at a time. Check out the pictures at the bottom. Tiffany graduated from high school and Summit Alaska, a discipleship-training program at our church in Wasilla. She is moving to Homer to help with the Church on the Rock down there. Zachary remains a homeschooler and is set to graduate next May. He has a full time job. He enjoys the freedom of being able to work and do his school work in the evenings. Natalie is still homeschooling, has gone back to gymnastics and learned how to play the guitar this year. She is very excited about going on her first mission trip! Emily & Naomi are attending classes at Foundations for Success, a learning center in Big Lake. They are still learning more piano and decided to sing at the recital this past Christmas. Emily was the only one who actually did it. Naomi changed her mind. They both had parts in the Christmas musical at church. No one believes the shy act anymore. Joseph still spends his days just being darn cute and pretending he can’t hear you telling him to pick up his toys. He loves to play anything! I am still teaching piano & voice lessons at home and working with special events at our church. Rick & I still remain heavily involved with the freedom ministry, Fresh Start, that our church does. That’s why we are in Ireland! Rick will begin counseling with Church on the Rock one day a week when we get back. He still works for Wellspring Ministries of Alaska in Anchorage as well.
God has continued to bless us tremendously and we pray that each and every one of you has a fantastic 2009!

Blessings to you all from Dublin!!

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Hi Friend!! LOVE the new pictures posted...BEAUTIFUL!!! You should have them framed!! The coast one is my fav! Blessings on your day!! Love you!! xo