Friday, December 5, 2008

Anything you say can be used against you!

So, I decided I needed to make and attempt to "keep up with the Jones' boys" and the "Washington Walkers". "Can you believe it?" You guys came up with such clever titles for your blogs. Therefore, I decided to take a survey in my house on what my blog should be called. I was given the Bonnette Daily, Trudy's blog, but don't call it anything stupid, mom! I decided to stick with my Pampered Chef id which I am not allowed to link from this website or I will be in violation of PC law! You will have to get that from me some other time.....on with the post....

Once my family realized what I was doing I received many reactions that are normal in the course of a house full of teenagers and small children that think they are teenagers. Silly giggles, rolled eyes and many snippets of advice I am not sure I could have lived without. My hubby's sound piece of advice was, "Don't forget that anything you blog can be used against you in court!" I sure would like to know what that meant! He must be thinking of his other wife. She lives in his other world that is parallel to our present universe. If you don't know what any of that means just watch any given episode of Star Trek. I am sure it will come up.

We just spent two amazing weeks with my baby brother and his family visiting us from Texas. In the course of those two weeks we..........drove to the top of Hatcher's Pass just to see the city of Palmer lights; ate fast food in Wasilla; went to Fresh Start at Church on the Rock; played in the snow; went shopping @ Wal-Mart; ate Italian food in Wasilla; rode a dogsled; went shopping @ Old Navy with six children 8 & under; drove down to Portage to drive through the tunnel and see some glaciers only to be greeted by 100 ft ceilings; drove through the wildlife park instead and saw all the wildlife common to Alaska except the ones that were in hibernation; drove back in a blinding snowstorm with 6 children 8 & under; gave my brother a heart attack in the process; stopped in Girdwood and paid way too much for donuts; ate fast food in Anchorage; celebrated our thankfulness with friends; made way too much food; drove to Fairbanks over the river and through the woods to Santa's house we went; sat on the big guy's lap~well, the kids did; visited Dasher, Dancer, Comet & Blitzen; saw some really cool ice sculptures; rode the Christmas train and watched fireworks at Pioneer Park; ate Chili's in Fairbanks as well as Italian fare; swam in the hotel pool & shopped at Wal-Mart~twice; was told it was time to leave the pool promptly at 9pm with our cherubs because it was time for ADULTS only; drove 8 1/2 hours back to Wasilla from Fairbanks in blowing snow with six children 8 and under; stopped at Rose's Cafe in Healy~yummy fries; stopped at Cantwell and almost got blown off the planet; stopped at Trapper Creek and paid way too much for chips & soda; drove up to Talkeetna because the webcam said it was clear enough to see Mt McKinley~when we got there the peak was not visible due to one small cloud covering it; subjected each other to much harassment and whole grain cooking~kept us all in regular stitches; went souvenir shopping; and spent out last evening devouring Chinese take-out and yummy Alaskan cheesecake. I am sure I have forgotten something and left out many exciting moments including, but not limited to, me teaching my kids and my nephews to slide down our stairs in pillowcases; the many heart pounding moments on the Alaskan highways; watching my brother pound away at my computer to keep up with his web design business; watching my brother consume more diet coke than a supermodel; and listening to my poor sister-in-law say "shhhhh!" to my darling nephews 500 times when she had to get up before the sun did because they were still on Texas time. We had a blast! We all wish they could have stayed longer and even had Joseph asking where the "other brothers" were tonight when he got home. Bill and Kelli, we miss you and hope you can come for a much longer visit next time!!

Well, tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it so go to bed and forget today's!


Rebecca said...

Welcome to Bloggerville. I am going to love keeping up with you and your family. I look forward to reading your writings and have already added it to the blogs I frequent.

Tammyz said...

LOVE it!!! Whata wonderful time you had!! Whata blessing!! I have been thinking about you and praying! I need to call and say hi... Miss you friend!! And all your fam! Thanksgiving sure was different...Glad you joined the bloggers!! Love you!! Tam

Kelli said...

Yeah for you! Welcome to the world of blogging! I find it most therapeutic! We had so much fun with you guys and just wanted to say thanks again for letting us invade your space for two whole weeks!! As we were driving out of DFW airport Parker wanted to know if we were going back this summer! :)