Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Choir Program Rocks Wasilla!

We had the best ever Christmas program at church today. Of course it had nothing to do with the fact two of my beautiful cherubs, Emily and Naomi, had parts in it. :~) Emily played the part of a girl that liked to dress up as a bumble bee. She did very well. I was soooooo proud! Naomi had a solo. I was so impressed she didn't freeze up. ANY of you that know her, know how shy she can be. It was a marvelous performance by all! We had to do 2 performances back to back this morning after having a 4 hour long dress rehearsal yesterday. We had the usual kids throwing up (at least she made it to the restroom!), kids pressing on even though they were just getting over the flu (some were stuffed with tylenol) and those who were just being downright honery and tired of practicing (I told them they didn't get ice cream if they didn't straighten up)! It worked!! They all were amazing and we got a standing ovation after the second performance. It was great! Most of all, our Lord Jesus Christ was honored today and that is the most important part of all. It was a great story about all the names of Jesus. The kids really got a lot of good things out of it that will be with them the rest of their lives. They know just about every name between Alpha and Omega.

Joseph also turned 4 today. We took him out for our traditional date with mom and dad all by himself and he got to spend some of his birthday money. He bought a wooden loader and Bob the Builder video. He did such a good job at not throwing a fit because he wanted a million other things too and when I told him know he said, "ok." We gave him a Radio Flyer big wheel tricycle and a scooter with a bell that dings. He loves them. Last year we tried this new fangled "balancing" bike. It's a bike with no pedals but it still has two wheels. It still looks brand new. I don't think it will make a comeback on the market this year. I figured I would put it down in the crawl space until I have grandkids (at least 10 years from now!). Then it will be a novel thing to go to grandma's and ride that really cool bike that has no pedals! Right?

We are almost ready for Christmas. I will get pictures posted soon of that Christmas room. I just haven't found that round tuit yet. Tiffany will be back with us overnight Christmas Eve before she heads down to Texas. Ya'll pray for that transition now, ya hear? She is excited. You guys just all remember the reason for the season! Just like in our program do you spell love? JESUS!! Don't forget to give to others outside of your family and share the love of Jesus this Christmas, YES, CHRISTMAS and every day of the year! Tip the waitress more than you think you should. Smile at that cranky driver or cashier in the store. Wish them all a BLESSED CHRISTMAS!!

Just remember that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it, so go to bed and forget todays.


Kelli said...

About praying for Tiff's transition to Texas. . . should we be praying more for Tiffany or her Mother's transition? Or her Aunt Kelli? You're starting to scare me!

Tammyz said...

Love the post, Lady!! Happy Birthday to Joseph!! Can u even believe our babies are so big??? I finally did your 10 things... Have a happy day!! :D

Tammyz said...

how was your Christmas?? miss you all so much!!

LaskaMomma said...

LOVE the blog! Fun stuff, good job!


LaskaMomma said...

LOVE the blog! Fun stuff, keep it up! :O)