Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh What Fun It Is To.......

......starve your six year old ALL DAY LONG because the dentist is running behind on surgery day!! Yes, my darling Naomi could not have any food after midnight and then got to eat a yummy breakfast of Jello Jigglers and Juice promptly at 8:45a before the 9a cut-off time because we were having pulp restoration, sealants and other fillings done while under anesthesia because we won't cooperate with nitris at the dentist's office. Initially we were going in by 1:15p, then that became 1:45p and she finally went in at 3:45p!!! She only fell apart on me once and then I told her if she didn't get it together, the promised prize was on it's way to Neverland! Guess what?! She stopped! Dead on, full stop, done with the fit!! They are really cute when they are sleeping under the influence of that not so yummy medicine they give them so they can get and iv in the hand without World War 7! She did great! Tooth is now a shiny silver addition and she wanted gold. She is showing everyone that will stop and look. She doesn't remember the iv coming out even though she was awake. She fell asleep with me next to her, yes, laying on the gurney. Wish I'd had a camera! Then she awoke with Rick holding her. She doesn't remember all the cruel and tramatic things they did to her mouth but she keeps reminding us that she doesn't like the hospital and she is never going back! I think she just might cooperate next time, maybe, I hope.

Well, I also wanted to post some pictures of my Christmas room, but Rick lost the cord to the camera and I can't seem to remember to stop and buy one at the MacHaus~the most awesome Mac store ever! I call it my Christmas room right now because it's all decked out!! We don't have furniture for it yet so I guess the name will change as the surroundings do. We will have to see what it's called when January rolls around. Oh, speaking of January, Rick and I are headed to Ireland on a mission trip the last two weeks. We are really excited. We have never been able to go at the same time since Natalie was a baby. One of our brave, dear friends, Esther, is watching the kids and Zac is going to be king of the castle for 2 1/2 weeks!! Little does he know, I did ask someone to come stay here. It will be a way cool surprise, don't you think? Pray for us as we go. We sold a few things to help cover some of the expense....the snowblower, a kid or two, etc...just kidding. Everything else has worked out so far. We serve a great big God that is more than able to take care of everything! Also in January.....Tiffany is heading to Texas to live with her most awesome web designing uncle and very pregnant, beautiful, gracious aunt and my three darling nephews. She is going to be Uncle Bill's slave, I mean, intern and learn all about that web designing magic he performs. She is excited and we are too! They gotta fly sometime! That is why God gave them to prepare them for this day. So why the heck am I blubbering?! That about sums it up for this big music recital is tomorrow. Pray all my students remember their music and don't puke on stage. Yes, it has happened!

Just remember, tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes, so go to bed and forget today's.....after you repent! :~)

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